Group & Specialty Trips

Planning Corporate Retreats, Private Club or Family Adventures?


For those desiring the ultimate in exclusivity, a party may purchase all 23 seats on their chosen launch date, making it a custom “Member’s Only” trip!

Delicious prepared foods

It’s our pleasure to cater a rafting trip around your special group’s specific needs, whether it be for your club, friends, family, or corporate retreats.   You can even bring along special staff and guests to help make your private group experience the very best it can be.

Wilderness river tours are very effective for team-building, client entertaining, and staff development.   Even strangers bond through the teamwork of crewing a paddle boat through rapids and the shared adventure of wilderness travel.

Mealtimes, as well as long evenings around the campfire, are the perfect opportunity for your special speakers, group activities, workshops, discussions and storytelling.

Usually, to get all 23 seats on your choice of date, you will need to call several months to a year in advance.

Many of our charter groups prefer to bring fewer than 23 people, keeping it small and intimate. Others opt to fill those extra paid seats with additional specialty staff or celebrity guests, as described below.

Specialty Staff/Guests

A group of any size can purchase an extra seat or two, allowing them the luxury of specialty staff .

Back rub, anyone?   Or how about bringing a nanny for the kids?    A videographer, fly-tying or kayaking instructor, geologist, or wine expert?    Simply let us know well in advance whatever kind of special staff your party would enjoy having along and we’ll see what we can do.

Or perhaps your party would like to buy an extra seat and invite along your favorite musician, speaker, pastor, or other celebrity guest.    Just write them a letter of invitation and include one of our brochures…   who wouldn’t be delighted with a free Middle Fork wilderness expedition?!

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