Campsites on this Magical River

The Middle Fork Salmon River is famous for its beautiful spacious campsites.  The camps are typically flat, spacious and beautiful, and we can spread out.  Most have great big ponderosa pines that provide natural canopies and all with different views.

Middle Fork Salmon River campsites

Some of the camps on the Middle Fork Salmon River are in spots where they have great swimming holes we swim, others are in spots where the fishing is fantastic, others have hot springs in the camp or within access  to the camp, others feature close access to a trail head that hikers can take to climb to high vistas and enjoy a gorgeous sunrise.

Eli Kretzman, Guide and a GuestSome of the names of camps are:

  • Sheepeater Camp
  • Hospital Bar
  • Otter Bar
  • Stateland Right
  • Marble Left

As for camp life, we setup everything for guests, carry the gear up from the rafts, and pack up in the morning.  We pamper our guests with big 6 person tents setup for every 2 people and get your cots and sleeping bags ready for you.

We prepare the hot showers for guests and serve your gourmet meals.   Pampered camping and you don’t lift a finger service gives our guests ample opportunities to explore and discover, rest or get energized by a hike.

We play volleyball games, go swimming and snorkeling, take advantage of the awesome fly fishing opportunities, sharing stories and much more.

One of the neat things about the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is that they allow campfires.  Our guests really enjoy the huge  beautiful campfires that create a glow of ambiance and warmth.

At night after dinner is complete and the guides have cleaned everything up,  we’ll engage in a variety of fun activities such as poetry jams, random talent shows, and even have accepted interpretive dance as talents.

When your guides break camp, you don’t have to do a thing.  We pack everything out including ashes, and human waste so these camps are kept in their pristine state.  The only sign of humans you might see are footprints.

We do all the work of setting up or tearing down the camps.  Guests get to take it easy, enjoy reading a book or taking in a quick hike.

People really enjoy the camp life as its a huge part of the trip.The Middle Fork Salmon River is one of few wilderness rivers that allow campfires.