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Guest comments are very important to us.  Therefore, we’d love to invite all Adventure Sun Valley guests to share the love!    Your comments,  experiences and memories of your Idaho whitewater adventures on the Middle Fork Salmon River with ASV, are extremely important to us.   We continuously strive for excellence and would like to invite you to shout from the virtual mountain tops to let other travel and adventure seekers know exactly why Adventure Sun Valley is the right choice.   Please take a few moments to share your personal testimony as a recent guest, and tell your story.   How did we do, what impacts, if any, did your Adventure Sun Valley river experience have on your life, your family and your perspective of the world after.   Go ahead and say what you want to say….  we thank you for your comments, in advance.

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We would love to receive any and all comments you might like to share about your experience on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Adventure Sun Valley. While I feel confident that the experience we offer to our guests is the best money can find, there is never a moment when I stop thinking about "how can I make it better". Your comments and genuine insights on how we can continue to improve are invaluable. Please help by sharing your thoughts, insights and suggestions so that Adventure Sun Valley can continue to evolve and help guests to experience a treasured memory that will continue to encourage word of mouth referrals for us. Thank you. Sincerely, Brad Frei, Owner/Host Adventure Sun Valley
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