Disconnect to re-Connect: Bond and Rejuvenate Relationships

One of most profound impacts of an Idaho wilderness river trip is the personal enrichment of human connections we gain when digital and cellular worlds are utterly disconnected.

The connection is present. No talking, but presence together

Without the digital devices, guests on a Middle Fork Salmon River trip are transformed by interacting together.   Friendships emerge,  family ties grow stronger through quality interaction together, and relationships are rejuvenated.

Campfire on the Middle Fork Salmon RiverWhen taking the family to a vacation spot like Disney, mom, dad and the kids are still able to engage their own community on digital devices.   Whether it’s the drama among friends that wraps itself around the teen girl or boy through incessant texting, or the youngsters who are obsessed with their digital games, to even parents who just can’t put away the smartphone and are still compelled to interact with their boss or work associates even on vacation with the family, communications in our digital world does tend to cause neglect of human interactions and intimacies.

I’ve listened to stories that involve guest observations of the contrasts they experienced having attended a conference or corporate gathering at a beautiful resort.  Though one might desire to engage with his or her peers, to develop a friendship or relationship, more often than not, a wall seems to surround the team member who has taken their t-shot and then stepped off to the side to text someone or to read new emails and respond to important business inquiries with customers.

The digital world tends to compartmentalize our opportunities for serious human interaction.Middle Fork Salmon River

In a stark contrast, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers something very different – a beautiful Idaho wilderness vacation embraced by nature, and devoid of digital communications.  That’s right, you won’t get a wifi or cellular signal while on this river trip.   As a result, we’ve heard from families and corporate guests over and over who are absolutely charmed by the enriching experience of this “digital disconnect”.

Many parents have written or called after their trip with Adventure Sun Valley to share that their trip was the absolute bonding experience – the perfect vacation for them and their children.  Most families find that the opportunities to connect, laugh, talk, tell stories around the campfire at night,  and enjoy a sense of emotional bonding with each other, brings family members closer together with more quality conversations than they had ever shared before.   Parents express a sense of rejuvenation and real solitude that this trip has meant for their families, and as a result, they feel more emotionally connected and closer to their children than ever before.

By the same token, in corporate or special groups, and team building gatherings, the space that may have been filled with obsessive attention to the small handheld devices we all carry around with us – has been replaced with real interaction, getting to know one and other, relationships created and a spiritual journey that feeds the soul with charmed and joy filled human experiences.

If you, your family or friends or your corporate team is seeking to build and rejuvenate relationships, there can be no better platform than a Middle Fork expedition with Adventure Sun Valley. From the outstanding beauty of the landscapes facing you every day, the quiet moments in nature listening to the sounds of the river and crickets chirping, to fun interactions on the river and around the campfire with others, an Idaho wilderness vacation can rejuvenate and enrich your life in many remarkable ways.