Family Fun on the Middle Fork

Kids Make a Whitewater Wilderness River Adventure Extra Special!

Mother DaughterLast spring before the season began, I was waiting for a flight to Denver in the crowded departure area of the Portland Airport.  I happened to be sitting next to a family – mom, dad and their three kids.  After a ten minute conversation where we each learned snippets about each other, they became fascinated with my ‘job’ – host, guide and outfitter on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

I pulled out my iPhone and showed some pictures from a few of last summer’s trips. Their children – aged 10, 13 and 15 – got pretty jazzed about the idea of a whitewater adventure, but the parents were leary.  Wasn’t it too dangerous for youngsters?  Wouldn’t they get bored?  What would they eat?

I love these types of conversations because I could talk for hours about all the fantastic things that happen on our river trips – from physical adventure where people of all ages learn new skills and become very adept at running a river, to the more ephemeral ‘soft’side of a trip where parents bond with their kids and become much closer.   I have been told by many parents that this was the PERFECT activity with their children precisely because they kids were forced to “disconnect” from all their technology and peer drama, so they could relax and connect with their own family exclusively for the week.   

The Middle Fork is a very special place that offers beauty, thrills and wilderness serenity. 

Adventure Sun Valley guides absolutely LOVE it when youngsters are on a trip.  They’re half-kids at heart themselves and take tremendous pride in teaching everything there is to know about the Middle Fork, from paddling techniques, reading the water, looking for wildlife, exploring nature on hikes, and above all, being safe every step of the way.

Our plane departed and our seats were far apart on the way over to Denver, but I bet we’ll see them on a trip in the near future. 

Nothing evokes wholesome family fun like a whitewater wilderness vacation on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with Adventure Sun Valley!