Experience Pampered Camping©

“Hot shower, anyone?”Tents along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Adventure Sun Valley

What about “Fresh baked cinnamon rolls and mocha in bed?”

If you’ve been tempted by Idaho rafting trips but don’t like to “rough it” on vacations, please read on…

At Adventure Sun Valley, we’re prepared to change everything you’ve ever thought an Idaho wilderness whitewater adventure would be.




Rugged Adventure & Pampered Comfort on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River

We’ve recognized that many recreation afficianados love the outdoors, but don’t like to sacrifice the comforts of modern life.  You’ll love the luxury of our Pampered Camping© fishing and whitewater river rafting adventure vacations on the world-famous Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Adventure Sun Valley offers Pampered Camping

Your Pampered Camping© Idaho wilderness vacation with Adventure Sun Valley starts and ends with our exclusive “You don’t lift a finger©” service offering guests hot showers, gourmet dining beneath the stars, guides who are attentive and helpful to your needs,  and the best Idaho River Rafting experience available on the prestigious Middle Fork Salmon River!

… and by the way, Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River is BUG-FREE!
Sound good?

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