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Brad and Melody Frei, OwnersWe offer Exceptional Value on your Idaho Wilderness River Vacation.

At Adventure Sun Valley, we’re careful to keep prices average, but our LUXURY SERVICE, COMFORT and SAFETY record are unsurpassed.  Simply put, you won’t find a better value.  But most importantly you will have an ABSOLUTE BLAST!  Rugged Adventure and Pampered Comfort is part of the experience!

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When selecting an outfitter for your Middle Fork Salmon River, its important to know why we’re so highly rated and the reasons you should choose Adventure Sun Valley for your Idaho wilderness river vacation.

Unlike other rafting trips you may have been on in the past, we won’t ask you to bring any camping gear or help with camp chores. We won’t serve you “camp food.”   And we won’t make you ride in hot, dusty buses to and from the river.


For over 20 years now, our company has chosen to run just this one legendary river, allowing us to focus on perfecting the experience for our pampered guests. This is evident in our safety-trained and experienced guides, top-notch equipment, gourmet cuisine, and ratio of guests to guides. Extra guides allow us the luxury of taking care of you, from your first contact with us. Whether it’s customizing a rafting trip for your family or business group, assisting with flights and lodging, tying on a fly, grilling a tenderloin to your order, coaching you in an inflatable kayak, warming up water for your shower, or providing whatever other support you may need along the way, all you have to do is ask.    Breakfast in bed, anyone? Of course, our repeat customers are the best endorsement of all.  Check our customer testimonials to learn more or call or e-mail us for additional references.

Brad and Melody FreiWe are Brad and Melody Frei, your hosts and owners of Adventure Sun Valley and we personally take great pride in offering our guests the most exceptional service and superior river experience of a lifetime.  We’re so committed to your safety and enjoyment that we’ll very likely personally meet YOU when you arrive and lead YOUR expedition.

In fact, when you write or pick up the phone and call right now, you will be communicating directly with us (Brad and / or Melody).

We personally assure you that our hand selected guides and ourselves will do everything in our ability to show you an adventure of a lifetime.



In an effort to describe the extent of services we immerse our guests in, the term “Pampered Camping©” was coined to demonstrate our commitment to guest comfort and being catered to.   When it comes to guest enjoyment and experience,  Adventure Sun Valley and our team, are all determined to go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and ultimate pleasure.  While you’re on the Middle Fork enjoying your wilderness vacation, and also traveling back to your home, its our goal to affirm that the experience exceeds your expectations in every way!

No other outfitters offer free shuttle service for guests to/from Boise Airport


When you book a rafting, kayaking, fishing or cast and blast trip with Adventure Sun Valley, you’ll not only embark on one of the most exciting and rugged wilderness adventures of a lifetime,  my hand selected guides and I will SPOIL YOU with great service, great food and warm, fun-loving hospitality.


Starting with our FREE optional shuttle service from the Boise Airport, Adventure Sun Valley Guests are picked up in our spacious private motor coach for a comfortable air conditioned ride to Stanley, Idaho.  (We return you to the airport after your trip is completed, in the same motorcoach).

Details about Motor Coach Service Here.

Pampered Camping


Are you tempted by Idaho wilderness rafting trips but don’t like to “rough it” on vacations?   Forget about carrying gear, setting up tents or eating dull camp food.

On an Adventure Sun Valley river trip, you’ll experience fresh gourmet meals and “You don’t lift a finger©” service. Try to remember, you’re on vacation! “Fresh baked cinnamon roll and mocha in bed, anyone?”   It’s my highest priority, as reflected by the actions and gracious hospitality of an outstanding crew at Adventure Sun Valley, that your vacation is a treasured memory, the wilderness experience of a lifetime!



When setting up camp in advance each day, our guides get your tent setup, prepare hot water for our guests to enjoy a hot shower, arrange your cot and sleeping bag for your evening rest.

Meantime, you are doing whatever makes you feel contented and happy. Whether sitting to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape, reading a book, taking a nap, or if you have lots of energy, taking a hike to see pictographs, stunning waterfalls or even jumping in the river for a cool down.   READ OUR ARTICLE “CUSTOMIZED ADRENALINE”

You’ll love the luxury of our Pampered Camping© while enjoying an Idaho wilderness outdoor adventure vacations on the world-famous Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

We view your joining us a great blessing and receive you as family.

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