Above the Shoreline Adventures

When it comes to enjoying activities during the early mornings, afternoons and evenings once we’re off the river, I, as well as my helpful and experienced guides will talk to you personally about shoreline adventures throughout the week.  Opportunities for quiet, easy hikes or more advanced hikes throughout your Middle Fork Salmon River adventures are plentiful.

Above the Shoreline ADventureHiking along the Middle Fork Salmon River offers varied landscapes and views  along the river and above where high bluffs overlook the river with extraordinary visual enjoyment.  Our hikes are typically where guests will get the opportunity to see wildlife such as big horned sheep on high ridges, or bear and smaller mammals.

Hiking adventures are often where you see the wildlifeAlmost every camp has the opportunity to take quiet hikes in the woods and there are a few favorites that we’ll share as you engage your adventure with us.

We’ve got the Little Pine Hike, the Willard hikes are fun.  Vail Falls as a natural feature offers guests  a moderate hike where you’ll scramble up the hill to see a 200 foot waterfall with a cathedral cave that you can stand behind to get showered by mountain spring water that you can literally drink.  On a sunny day you see the rainbows of light that shine through and deflect in a myriad of colors.

We’ve got easier hikes to caves such as Rattlesnake Caves and Loon Hot Springs where we soak in a natural rock tub of hot water straight out of the ground. FUN!  Nugget Creek Canyon is another hike where we climb up to a natural grotto box canyon with the waterfall coming off of it and you can search for gold in the creek bottom.

Pictographs are found along the Middle Fork Salmon RiverHikes to natural pictographs are a treat, representing historical remnants of the Shoshone Indians who were still native to these lands until five years after the battle with Chief Joseph when the Sheepeater Wars ended their reign.

We’ll hike to historic mines, old cabins and homesteads that litter the shorelines and embankments where tough settlers lived in the mid to late 1800’s and even into the early 1900’s.

We’ve even occasionally gotten up early in the morning to take a hike up to the peak of a ridge and watched the sunrise. What a spectacular nature experience that is.

If you’re thinking about activities to keep you occupied once we’re off the river, we’ve got you covered.   Hikes, Wildlife, Hot Springs, Canyons, Waterfalls.  Its all here on the Middle Fork Salmon River and we’re ready to show you the natural wonders of this part of the world.

Contact me personally if you have any questions or would like to talk more about adventures above the shoreline.

There are many quiet places to relax and enjoy the beauty of river adventure.