IDAHO’s Gem: Middle Fork Salmon River

Idaho's Gem :: Middle Fork of the Salmon River

The Middle Fork of the Salmon is “Universally Regarded” as the Greatest Wilderness Whitewater River in the World!!!!!! And it is easy to understand why!

The Middle Fork Salmon River boasts over 100 miles of free flowing CRYSTAL CLEAR water that flow through the very heart of the largest Federally Protected Wilderness Area in the Continental United States, the infamous Frank Church Wilderness in Central Idaho.

America's Middle Fork Salmon River

The Middle Fork Salmon River is the Very Flagship of our Nations protected Wild and Scenic Rivers and was one of the original rivers so christened in 1968!   The United States Forest Service now regulates this treasure and very strictly limits the issuance of the very coveted permits.   So for those fortunate enough to find entry, they can expect amazing solitude and adventure!

The Middle Fork is formed by the confluence of Marsh Creek and Bear Valley at the Southern End of the Wilderness at over 6,000 feet near Stanley Idaho.  It progresses in a generally Northern direction through the heart of the wilderness as it picks up volume and speed in its 100 mile odyssey dropping 3,000 vertical feet and tripling in volume as the tributaries contribute their power!  Ever changing, ever alive!

The white water on the Middle Fork is world renowned.   There are over 300 ratable rapids on its descent but none that are rated more than a class IV.  Which means it provides wonderful adrenalin fodder for thrill seekers while never stretching the safety limits of professional operators like Adventure Sun Valley or filtering out guests who desire a world class adventure but are not by nature reckless in their leisure activities!

Adventure Sun Valley boasts over 25 years of continuous adventure with no significant river induced guest injuries.   We will help you find the perfect fit of “excitement” and “comfort”.  That is our specialty!

This 6 day river journey offers amazing relaxation, solitude and renewal as well.  There are miles upon miles of water that slowly, calmly, lazily and silently slip the grasp of the towering granite walls.  These warm summer hours, often drift us into memories of simpler times, full of child like wonder and restful peace.  The Vistas above camps call to be explored and enjoyed.  Many a heart has been touched from a sunset viewing atop a mountain peak.

Lunch time on the BeachThe shores are bursting with life and pleasures.  From expansive flats populated with centennial giant Tamarack Pine that stand guard over  idyllic wilderness camps, to a trail head leading to a soak in a natural hot spring to a tributary begging an explorer to come offer a grasshopper to a fat cut throat trout lying under a log.   Every turn of the river unfolds new wonders and adventures! The banks are alive.    Every voyage is unique!

The Middle Fork of the Salmon is world renowned as a “Blue Ribbon Dry Fly Fishing” destination.  The entire river is brimming with aggressive trout streaking to find their next meal.   It is a tremendous pleasure to see them rise from the rocky bottom in the crystal clear water to slam the fly on the surface and yank it to the bottom.  This river is appropriate for both the beginning angler and the accomplished and we have extensive experience and joy in accommodating both!

Blue Ribbon Fly fishing at camp


Join us on a trek on one of the most beautiful spots on earth.  I personally welcome you to call or email me with questions and excited discovery of your next adventure that awaits you.

Your Host, Brad Frei

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