Middle Fork Dining!

Fresh dutch-oven baked morning Sticky Buns!

What is it about the great outdoors – much less the awesome wilderness of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River – that makes a person so hungry?

I mean – really – how much food can a person consume on a vacation? When we soak up that savory Idaho sunshine, breathe that beautiful fresh air and put a big toe in the pristine waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, for some reason when we wake up in the morning, stop for lunch, or get to camp in the evening, we are ravenous!

Do we ‘let our hair down’ because we are on vacation and throw caution to the wind – or in this case, to the river – and eagerly chow down on a warm, freshly baked dutch-oven sticky bun the minute we get up in the morning?

If we were back home at a local coffee house, we’d delicately reach for a small yogurt or a fresh banana, and wonder to ourselves “Whoever eats those big sugary things?”  Ha!  On a Middle Fork expedition with Brad Frei and his terrific crew, you just might be surprised at yourself!

Dinner is Almost Ready

Dinner is Almost Ready

Of course, not to say that you are lounging around all day, since you might be paddling,  kayaking, hiking, soaking in a hot springs or fishing and thus work up a reason to be darn hungry.

Lucky for you, our Adventure Sun Valley guides and camping-chefs extraordinaire are totally prepared to handle any level of hunger…….and, any type of special food requests. Fresh food is expertly selected before the trip ever launches, is carefully packed and stored on the sweep boats which land at campsites before guests arrive.  Then, Adventure Sun Valley guides set up the kitchen and start preparing appetizers and delicious meal entrees so when you arrive, the food is ready!   Preparing the most delicious meals, such as as salmon or grilled steak dinners, artichoke linguine, and always a dutch oven-baked nightly dessert – are tasks our camping chefs really enjoy and guests reap the benefits of their tasteful hard work.

Do you have special dietary needs?  No worries with us!  Each of our camping chefs truly relish the opportunity to prepare special dietary food needs; they take joy in bringing to your plate the exact right flavor, taste and type of food you require.  Listen to a June 2012 guest, Eing Ong, who briefly shares her  thoughts about how Adventure Sun Valley so aptly met her  special diet needs.

We take our Pampered Camping® program seriously and love the chance to amaze our guests with absolutely delicious, healthy gourmet meals from morning ’til night. Come join us!  Seats are available on August and September trips…..call 208.507.1012.

Dinner is Almost Ready

Brad Frei at the Morning Grill