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Remembering Len Billingslea

Len Billingslea, our friend and skilled ASV guide of over a dozen years passed away in July, 2013.

Len Billingslea, a guide on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Len had been a river guide for over 30 years on the Rio Grand, Salt, Chama and Lower Salmon, but his absolute favorite was the Middle Fork of the Salmon.  Adventure Sun Valley was very lucky to work with Len for these past 12 years.  His passion for the river was contagious and our guests really connected with Len.

“On our trip last year, we had an absolute blast!  The entire crew was outstanding and the scenery could not have been more beautiful. But it was Len that really left an impression, once we met, we knew who we were riding with!  Whenever we talk a out our trip, it is always filled with Len stories” remembers 2012 guest, Marty.
“The entire Adventure Sun Valley team is very sad with Len’s passing and we all miss him dearly. He was such a great guy!  A tremendously skilled guide and a fantastic fisherman”
                  — Brad Frei

Our Motor Coach Pampers Guests!

Pampered camping begins before Adventure Sun Valley guests put one toe in the river! We offer complimentary round-trip transportation to and from the Boise Idaho airport in air-conditioned comfort on the Adventure Sun Valley motor coach. All you have to do is get to Boise for the Middle Fork vacation adventure of a lifetime and we’ll do the rest!  No rental car hassles.  No worries about being late.  No additional costs. No stress. [Read more...]

Ahhh…It’s ‘River Time’

It may not hit our guests on the first day, but probably on day #2, the lull of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, sunshine, Idaho mountain wilderness, gourmet meals prepared/consumed riverside,  and hot springs trump our daily frenetic pace.  We made it to the Middle Fork and are now unwinding. Those 100 miles of crystal clear water are massaging our senses.

Ahhhh….it’s ‘River Time’!

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Great River Guides

ASV Guides Are The Best!

Adventure Sun Valley Guides and Guests on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

More then that….they’re awesome guides!

The backbone of our terrific service  – without a doubt – is the fact that  Adventure Sun Valley guides are extremely skilled, knowledgeable and professional! [Read more...]

2013 Snowpack = Middle Fork Fun!

Idaho has over 3,000 whitewater miles and is known as the ‘whitewater’ state.  The glorious Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of the state’s whitewater gems and the 2013 snowpack looks very promising for an excellent season. 

Cot by the river's edge

Ready to Relax!

Are you ready?  We are!   [Read more...]

Middle Fork Dining!

Fresh dutch-oven baked morning Sticky Buns!

What is it about the great outdoors – much less the awesome wilderness of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River – that makes a person so hungry?

I mean – really – how much food can a person consume on a vacation? When we soak up that savory Idaho sunshine, breathe that beautiful fresh air and put a big toe in the pristine waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, for some reason when we wake up in the morning, stop for lunch, or get to camp in the evening, we are ravenous!

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Family Fun on the Middle Fork

Kids Make a Whitewater Wilderness River Adventure Extra Special!

Mother DaughterLast spring before the season began, I was waiting for a flight to Denver in the crowded departure area of the Portland Airport.  I happened to be sitting next to a family – mom, dad and their three kids.  After a ten minute conversation where we each learned snippets about each other, they became fascinated with my ‘job’ – host, guide and outfitter on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

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Idaho Whitewater Rafting

Plunge yourself into the most exhilarating wilderness adventure of your life!


Rated one of the Top Ten Rivers in the World for its vivid landscapes, scenic beauty, and whitewater rapids.

A rafting or fishing adventure on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River combining Adventure Sun Valley’s exclusive Pampered Camping, gourmet dining, hot showers, not to mention exquisite scenery and wildlife sightings,  might make the perfect escape. [Read more...]

Experience Pampered Camping©

“Hot shower, anyone?”Tents along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Adventure Sun Valley

What about “Fresh baked cinnamon rolls and mocha in bed?”

If you’ve been tempted by Idaho rafting trips but don’t like to “rough it” on vacations, please read on…

At Adventure Sun Valley, we’re prepared to change everything you’ve ever thought an Idaho wilderness whitewater adventure would be.




Rugged Adventure & Pampered Comfort on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River

We’ve recognized that many recreation afficianados love the outdoors, but don’t like to sacrifice the comforts of modern life.  You’ll love the luxury of our Pampered Camping© fishing and whitewater river rafting adventure vacations on the world-famous Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Adventure Sun Valley offers Pampered Camping

Your Pampered Camping© Idaho wilderness vacation with Adventure Sun Valley starts and ends with our exclusive “You don’t lift a finger©” service offering guests hot showers, gourmet dining beneath the stars, guides who are attentive and helpful to your needs,  and the best Idaho River Rafting experience available on the prestigious Middle Fork Salmon River!

… and by the way, Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River is BUG-FREE!
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