Paddle Your Own Row Boat or Raft

Adventure Sun Valley offers paddle kayak support trips but we also offer a featured service called “Paddle Your Own” where you can bring your own raft and row your own boat on the river while having the support and amenities of food, camping, daily briefings and experience on the river plus as an option, camaraderie through meeting new people in camp.   We enjoy inviting river people who want to row their own boats on the Middle Fork Salmon River, and we have a tremendous amount of experience in that regards.   From the use of our permit,  to the support system available along the entire stretch of river, we are your companions to share adventure, without being overbearing.

We invite you to row your own boat or raft as part of our launch on the MIddle Fork Salmon RiverThe freedom to bring your own raft and take advantage of the joy of the Middle Fork Salmon River while joining our group is a fun and enjoyable way to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

We do all the work to setup your boat, shuttle it for you, provide you the training and experience about the whitewater experience you desire on the Middle Fork Salmon.  We also send you a video about the Middle Fork, produced as a guide for people just like you, to prepare for what you need to know before you arrive.   Each morning before we break camp, I personally provide you with a briefing of what to expect that day and then you’re off to paddle the river.  We’re basically available to help you as well as provide comaraderie on this magnificent river.

Middle Fork of Idaho's Salmon River - Fish, Hunt Chukar, Raft, KayakWhen you take advantage of our “Paddle Your Own” service, you get the same Pampered Camping, gourmet meals, leisure time and activities as any guests do.

Most outfitters don’t provide this unique service because it adds an extra layer of liability and effort, but as an authority on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River,  I personally enjoy offering this “value added service” for people who love rowing their boats on rivers and the enchantment of whitewater rapids.

Can’t get a permit for the Middle Fork Salmon River? 

Adventure Sun Valley shares its permit with those who want to join our expeditions.No Problem!  Many many people try for years and years and are never able to pull a permit for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  This would be a travesty if you desired to experience this enchanting river and never could.     PROBLEM SOLVED!  Join Adventure Sun Valley on a self paddling row your own boat trip and our permit is your ticket to a fabulous adventure and lifelong memories.

We love to share and spend time with people who love getting on the river, so call to arrange this special service.  Call or email me personally and I will help you to plan for your Middle Fork Paddle Your Own Adventure!

See you soon!

Brad Frei, Owner/Host