What is Pampered Camping© ?

Featuring Hot Showers!   Fine Dining and …

“You don’t lift a finger©” Service

You won’t be “roughing it,” as on most white water rafting trips.

Your guides do almost everything for you!

You’ll find a welcoming camp to greet you after your fun day on the river. The guides will already have set up almost everything!

Hot shower, tents, chairs, campfire, toilet facilities, wash stations and maybe even a horseshoe or ultimate frisbee game!   Your gear bag and cot will be delivered to your tent where you can set up your cot, lay out your warm comfortable sleeping bag with fresh fleece liner and pillow and inflatable mattress and personal supplies.

You will be rewarded soon with appetizers, cold drinks and a warm fire with great conversations.

You may explore or relax while the guides prepare the most amazing meals (salmon, steaks, artichoke linguine, seafood stuffing, Caesar salad), complete with dutch oven-baked nightly dessert!

Wine will occasionally be served with selected dishes or appetizers, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as punch, lemonade, coffee, tea and cocoa will be provided.

After dinner, most guests linger around the campfire entertaining one another, stargazing, and soaking up the wilderness ambience.

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