Trip Planning Guide

Kids of all ages love the Middle Fork Rafting Trip

This trip planning Guide has been developed to help you determine and plan your “PERFECT” Middle Fork Adventure.   After over 20 years of planning and leading adventures on the Middle Fork we sat down and created a very systematic process.   We hope you enjoy.   We know it will help you consider all the factors.

Information contained here in our Trip Planning Guide will prove invaluable  as you move forward to further define your river rafting vacation.   [ Bookmark our Trip Planning Guide  (CTRL-D) ]

Quiet, calm, serenity.

Step 1 – Choose the Middle Fork!!!    You have probably wisely already reached this conclusion.   This site is replete with countless reasons why the Middle Fork has earned its rich reputation as the greatest river adventure in the World.  A quick search on the internet – and discovery that prime dates sell out months if not years in advance should settle the issue.

Step 2 – Choose Adventure Sun Valley – Why?  Because we truly humbly know the experience we create with our guests is the VERY BEST.  That is a strong statement so please allow us to explain.

There are many great outfitters on the Middle Fork and if you choose one you will have a wonderful vacation.   However we truly are a step apart.

  • We are a small family operation and this is all we do!  It is the only river we run!  I’m Brad Frei, owner and host of Adventure Sun Valley.  I personally will joyfully work with you through the whole planning process.   It is my pleasure to be certain we consider every detail and customize your trip.   Then I will be here personally to greet you, look you in the eye and lead your voyage.   I make certain we fulfill every promise and expectation.
  • Words can not really describe our pride in our guide staff.  We trained every one them personally, work along side of them on the river and enjoy them tremendously.  We are certain they will be a highlight of your experience.
  • Our Dedication to “Rugged Adventure”, yet Pampered Camping is unique.   If you want to have a wild adventure but be totally comfortable please read about our fanatical pampered service and safety record.
  • There is NO doubt you will get a tremendous bargain.  Our prices are average but our service is extra – ordinary.   For example our free motor coach travel from Boise airport, will save every member up to $300 each.  And that is just the beginning – Hot Showers!   Huge 6 Person Tents for each 2 people – Full sized Cots – Provided Fly Fishing Gear – Fantastic Wines and Food!
  • We have a guide on each trip that is uniquely highly skilled to entertain guests – especially children.   If you have kids you can look forward to our “Kid Wrangler”!  A guide who will keep your kids engaged and active.  Enjoy your freedom!

–  Sharing this wilderness river is our Passion!   We LOVE LIFE and that celebration spirit is contagious.   Get ready for a TRUE ADVENTURE!

Step 3 – choose your date / boat options! – Now that you have the two most important choices made – the fun starts!  This planning guide will help you progress.  You’re welcome to jump ahead, but for those who prefer a more structured planning guide, use our links at the bottom of each page as we provide a step by step approach to your river trip with Adventure Sun Valley!

Start your trip plans by reviewing SEASONAL CONSIDERATIONS,  which are important from the standpoint of water flows, temperatures and other deciding factors.  You’ll know which rafting season is best suited to your personal or group endeavors.

Next you’ll look at the variety of boats and rafts in our fleet, seating options, and ultimately a familiarity with launch dates.    We also share pricing, logistics, frequently asked questions and other helpful travel resources.


So lets get started!