Rafts, Boats and Kayaks in our Fleet

When you’ve narrowed the timeframe for your Idaho river adventure on the Middle Fork Salmon River based on seasonal preferences, another important consideration relates to raft and boat varieties.

“Do I want a guaranteed fishing seat?”

To make an educated decision, you need to understand our fleet and typical configuration of boats.

We will utilize a variety of boats in our fleet to create the optimal adventure for you and your friends.

Please note that we have made significant upgrades in our boats since our video and DVD have been published, which will increase your enjoyment.

Boat Style # 1  – 24 foot Custom “Sweep Boat”

24 foot Custom Sweep Boat

This boat does the heavy lifting for our operations. It carries a “HUGE” supply of gear that will proceed ahead of you each day to ensure that camp is set up and waiting for your arrival. Guests do NOT ride on this boat.

Boat Style #2 – “Oar” Boats

Oar Boats - Adventure Sun Valley

Note that this boat is operated by one Guide who “oars” the boat to maneuver down the river. It carries a modest supply of gear necessary for operations on the river such as water and lunch. There are generally 2 to 4 guests riding on each oar boat each day. All you need to do is hang on and enjoy! You can choose to kick back and relax or possibly fish from this boat as it descends the river. Generally only two people can really fish at a time although more may be riding in the boat at that time.

Boat Style #3 – Our exclusively designed “Paddle Cat”


This boat is a personally designed “Porsche” of the river. There has never been any other like it on the Middle Fork Salmon River. When riding in this boat you will be actively participating in the paddling of this craft under the command of a guide. It will take all of your efforts to make safe passage. It can be operated with as few as 4 guests but can easily carry as many as 8 at one time. This boat is fast, maneuverable and incredibly agile. You will definitely be “eye to eye” with the whitewater at all times. We regularly “hole hunt” huge waves that everyone else makes great efforts to avoid. We normally do not bring the paddle boat on our Kayak support trips or Dedicated Fishing trips unless other arrangements have been made.

Boat Style #4 – Personal “Inflatable Kayaks”

Inflatable Kayaks on the Middle Fork Salmon River

These belong to the most adventuresome. There is no greater opportunity for you to really get wet and attack the whitewater.  For many this is the highlight of the week’s adventure. We will work with you to ensure that you begin your paddling on appropriate stretches of water that match your skills and desires. We will watch you, guide you and rescue you if necessary. But make no mistake about it. You will be the master of your own fate. I HIGHLY encourage you to give these a try. They are an absolute blast. We normally bring at least 4 each week, but can bring more or less depending upon the makeup and desires of each week’s guests. Let us know if you desire to spend a lot of time in one and we can make it happen.

Boat Style #5 – Dedicated “Fishing Boat”

Fourteen Aire Inflatable with Fishing Stations for two fishermen with NO extra gear and or weight. (New to the Fleet in 2008!)

Middle Fork Salmon River is a fly fishing paradise

These boats are only utilized when guests desire and make arrangements for “Dedicated Fishing Boats”.   This boat is beyond maneuverable.   There has never been ANY boat that is more suitable to creating the perfect fly fishing platform on the Middle Fork Salmon River.

Consider what the Dedicated “Fishing Boat” provides for you:

  • This boat is significantly lighter and more maneuverable than even a traditional Drift Boat.
  • It is clean, so you will not struggle to keep your lines untangled.
  • It does not have any gear in it needed for camp activities, hence you can leave camp earlier, arrive later, show up to lunch long after the other boats were required etc. This allows for incredible flexibility with the schedule.
  • It is rubber and hence more forgiving than a drift boat, which will enable you to go places would never consider, such as scraping over ledges and rocks. Finally, rubber is extremely quiet, a huge advantage to fishermen and wilderness lovers alike.
  • Two fishermen can comfortably fish AT THE SAME TIME!  Watch a drift boat go down the river. By contrast One guest can fish while the other has to sit and watch in our fishing boat you will get TWICE the fishing since you are not in a drift boat.
  • More comfortable than any other fishing boat ever offered. Both seats have high back support, you have a hard suspended floor to stand on, and leg rests to lean against while casting.
  • While all of our guides are excellent, only the very best are offered the opportunity to operate our dedicated fishing boats. You will not have a “river guide” leading you through your day, you will have a great “fishing guide” who happens to be expert at running whitewater.
  • This boat option definitely costs more, but if you are looking to really fish, it is absolutely worth it.
  • Please Note: These boats can not always be used on our Cast and Blast trips because of the increase in gear needed, ie guns, dogs etc.