Raft and Boat Seating Options

The Middle Fork Salmon River deep in the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness Area is a delightful 100-mile mix of relaxed drifting (or fishing!) and churning class II–IV white water!


Standard Seating Option

The Standard Seating option is for guests who want to take turns helping crew guided paddle rafts and enjoying the ride (or trout fishing) in guided oar rafts.

You can expect to have at least one to two days of fishing from our boats with this option if you desire.

Guests may fish anytime we’re on shore and possibly hike some tributaries as well.




Those who’d like to get a bit more exercise can “run solo” now and then for extra white water thrills in our optional inflatable kayaks if they wish! 

No one is ever required to run in the inflatable kayaks if they do not desire.

There may be stretches of river and or river conditions in which the guides will determine that inflatable kayak operations are unsafe for use so total time in them may be restricted.

If you wish to run and inflatable kayak more than 2 days on the trip please let us know so that we can bring an inflatable kayak specifically for your use.

Depending on the wishes of other guests, it is sometimes possible to spend all one’s time in just one or the other type of boat, although this is not guaranteed with the Standard seating option unless you have made arrangements with us before the launch.


Middle Fork Salmon River Fishing

The Guaranteed Fishing Seat option is for guests who want to be able to fish all day every day.

You will have a boat and guide that are very specifically designed, skilled and equipped to provide you with a world class fishing adventure.   This is a great option because it allows for maximum flexibility and enables you to leave camp early, and arrive in camp late because your boat will not have any gear necessary for the rest of the trip and your guide will be exclusively tasked with your fishing adventure.

There is a higher charge for the Guaranteed Fishing Seat service because not only does it require additional gear but it usually requires an extra guide on the payroll which consequently eliminates one of the marketable seats for that launch date.

If you are seeking a world class dry fly fishing adventure, there is none better than the Guaranteed Fishing Seat option on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Our prices for Guaranteed Fishing Seats are based on double occupancy, but give us a call if you want to discuss the possibility of similar service for a lone angler.

Advanced notice is required for any variation of the Guaranteed Fishing Seat Option.